"People on the earth creature from Food. All Creatures of Earth is from Food. The entire lively hood is living with food only. Finally it merged with food. Food is the foremost for live hood, so food is medicine. Who is worshiping the food is getting food without any hurdles."

Thaithreeya Upanishath 21:22

Your health is in your hand

Your health and mental status is decided by your food habits. Now a day’s quickly spreading diseases like Gastric problem, Indigestion, Ulcer, Diabetics, Obesity, Cancer is caused by food habit only. This is not only concern of our generation problem; it will spread to next generation also. We have started this organization with social ethics, good creature and positive thinking in social development. Taking it to forward, first step we are proud to supply the healthy foods.



A person’s social responsibility is reflecting from their health and mentality which is decided by their food habits.


As a traditional agriculturalist, we have not used any inorganic matters so far in our farm. That is why we are Pioneer in Organic cultivator in South India.


We are marketing these products at lower cost, getting it from their integrated marketing source which will help towards the welfare of farmers.

Products We Export

SARAVANA AGENCIES sells quality products and provides excellent customer service for the below mentioned industries product lovers.

Sprouted Pearl Millet Flour

Tanners Casia Tea

Spermacace Hispide Coffee

Foxtail Millet Vermicelli

Horse Gram Noodles

Sprouted Flours for Adults

We are also leading manufacturer & exporter of

Healthy Millet chapati Mix, Dosa Mix, Millet Vermicelli, Noodles...